Line Moment on the beam

The Line moment load models load distributed over a 1D member (StructuralCurveMember), 1D member Rib (StructuralCurveMemberRib) or on a slab edge (StructuralSurfaceMember). It may be action along the whole 1D member or only on its part. It can be constant or trapezoidal, acting in three main directions X, Y, Z (global or local coordinate system).

Specification in the excel


Difference between Location type Length and Projection can be seen in the picture. Location is used only if Coordinate system is Global.

An example of use of parameter Extent is in the in the picture below. In case of Span the load acts only on the span which is defined by internal nodes

An example with Distribution type Trapez and with different values 1 and 2 can be seen in the following picture. Coordinate definition is relative, start point 0 and end point 0,3. StructuralCurveAction 1 has origin "From start" and StructuralCurveAction 2 has origin "From end". In this case the parameter extent doesn’t make any difference, only in case of beams consisting of more parts.

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